About BAJA REFLECTIONS photography

Though born and raised in New York City, it wasn't until I moved to Colorado did I discover my photographic eye. There I received my training and for the next 17 years travelled and photographed much of the United States as well as several southeast asian countries. In 1998 however, my travels brought me to Mexico's Baja Peninsula. Charmed by its dramatic landscapes, inspired by the unpretentious lifestyles of its people, I travelled there frequently until 2003 when I finally pulled up my U.S stakes and headed south to the little fishing village of San Felipe de Jesus, the place I now call home.

Aware most casual visitors perceive Baja through tourist eyes, BAJA REFLECTIONS aim is to broaden that perception through photography. For that reason the images presented here depict the "Real Baja", a land of proud yet unassuming people.

Signs, however, are apparent an inevitable change is not far off. It is a change not unlike that which eventually altered the face of the American west. Because of this BAJA REFLECTIONS' mission, while time remains, is to document and preserve for posterity the daily lives and rich heritage of these people and their connection with the land; and to do so with dignity and honesty.


 Over the years my photographs have been showcased in Colorado galleries, on book covers and in various magazines. As always, my work is centered primarily of the everyday lives of the people of Baja. Although I love sunsets and landscapes as much as anyone, I'm more enthralled by watching them than by photographing them. As such, I consider myself principally a Baja stock photographer


You can also follow me at: www.bajareflections.com